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If you think you need help negotiating a debt or are unsure about whether you should do this alone, the Loetzerich Law Group can provide you with practical legal advice. We will go over all of your options and can help you figure out if you really should try to settle your debts or whether you should do something else, like file for bankruptcy. In addition, if a lender, credit card company, third-party debt purchaser, or other creditor eventually decides to sue you to collect the debt, we can defend you in the suit. Likewise, if a creditor violates the law such as the Federal or Texas Debt Collection Act in its efforts to collect from you, we can provide specific advice and tell you how to proceed in your particular situation. 

If any of the following are happening to you, you should call us today:

  • Creditors frequently calling your home or workplace

  • An inability to pay back loans at the present time

  • Threat of lawsuit from a creditor

  • Being treated unfairly by collectors


At The Law Office of Derek Loetzerich we can help collect a debt that is owed to you.  As a creditor you have a right to collect a debt that is owed to you.  A variety of collection techniques are available to creditors, from direct contact with the debtor to using a collection agency to bringing a lawsuit.  Let us help you determine the proper method for collecting on your delinquent debtors.

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